What's new in iticket - May 15-05-2024

iTicket Core

  • We have updated the export and import functionality for orders. It is now possible to export all documents, season passes and proof-of-values into an excel sheet. It is possible to update external identifiers in the excel sheet and import this information back to the portal.
  • When changing availability of a resource in a calendar event to zero, we are setting the 'soldOut' flag to 'true' for products using "Booking Flow". This means that those days will now be displayed correctly as 'sold out' in the widget. Previously, our API response did not include those at all.
  • Our Release Notes can in the future be read on the renewed iTicket Welcome page.
  • We have removed the "Allow auto check-in for future" and "Allow auto pickup for future" settings. (ID: 39100)
  • We are now by default hiding advanced content options. If you require access to those settings, please contact our customer success team. (ID: 39494)
  • The check-in panel is now fully responsive and easy to use on a mobile device.


  • On Article level, we have added a new setting "Create seperate vouchers for each participant", which forces vouchers to be issued per participant. Previously, we issued one voucher for all participants. This makes operations much easier in case of refunds when only a part of the group has used a voucher.
  • We have added an export button to vouchers, making it easier to manage and share voucher information. (ID: 38521)
  • We updated some missing Swedish translations for vouchers.

Season Passes

  • When using an already used external card number, we are now displaying an error message, which will ensure that each external card number can only be used once (ID: 39164)
  • The functionality to enable activation for Season passes with status trial (= a season pass that allows a certain number of check-ins before mandatory activation) in POS has been added, streamlining the activation process. More updates regarding this new status will come in the future. (ID: 39342)

Personal Stock

  • It is now possible to unassign a user in state open, as long as the user hasn't logged on to a POS. Once the user has logged on to POS, it's not possible anymore to unassign the user.
  • Performance of the "Assign user" popup in Personal stocks has been improved for faster user assignment. (ID: 39499)
  • On the reconciliation screen, we are now changing the color when the entered amount does not match the expected amount (ID: 39289)
  • We are now clearing the search field when finding a user to assign to a stock so that you start with an empty search field the next time you assign a user to a stock. 

Bug Fixes

  • When a calendar event is cancelled on iTicket, we are now triggering a calendar rebuild, which will synchronize the calendar views and availability across all channels. (ID: 39258)
  • An issue where an applied campaign was shown as the pricelist name after pressing edit on the checkout page has been fixed. (ID: 37327)
  • We fixed a display issue that sometimes occured when using filters. (ID: 38788)
  • The setting "Always show tour choice" is now also working when editing a product from the basket.
  • Exported Season Passes are now sorted correctly. (ID: 38839)
  • Long text in complementary fields now correctly breaks rows on the order panel to ensure improved readability. (ID: 38904)
  • We are no longer displaying the "Usages" column for documents that can't be checked-in, for example pick-up products. (ID: 38934)
  • We resolved a calculation issue in the z-report that resulted in a wrong VAT on a discount. (ID: 39043)
  • We fixed an issue where we did not store the postal code of CRS bookings. This is now solved and a new field has been added to the order panel. (ID: 39362)
  • Search functionality for EventTypes in the portal has been fixed. (ID: 39125)
  • We resolved an issue where it wasn't possible to revoke users. (ID: 39182)
  • The season pass validity date is now correctly displayed in the inventory time zone in all places on the portal. (ID: 39183)
  • Activation of season passes that are in state "TRIAL" (where a certain amount of check-ins prior activation is allowed) is now possible. (ID: 39271)
  • We fixed an issue where in certain cases it wasn't possible anymore to purchase vouchers. (ID: 39298)
  • Updating season pass info without changing the external card number is now possible. (ID: 39398)
  • We fixed an issue where we did not display what a voucher can be used for on the voucher document. (ID: 39436)
  • On proof of values where article bundles and articles were used, we now correctly display the article name instead of the price category name. (ID: 39529)