What's new in iticket - April 29-04-24

Point-of-Sale, POS 323

Expected delivery: 29-04-24.

Once delivered, POS Release Notes can be found on https://iticket.com/release-notes/apps, here are some preliminary features and bug fixes of the upcoming version.

  • Added French translation to printed tickets.
  • Added advanced settings in POS for specifically finding either Low Energy (LE) or Classic mode Bluetooth printers.

Fixed an issue where:

  • The maximum number of possible pickups / check-ins were inaccurate for online orders.
  • The “Redeem” button for vouchers would remain after refund.
  • Proof of Values were correctly created after performing a pickup operation but incorrectly visible in the PoV view.
  • The pickup view looked different and incorrect when a merchandise product was included in an order.
  • A text saying “Scan or Search on order” always appeared when scanning / searching for an order.
  • The season pass view lacked the "Redeem" button depending on whether an overbooked redemption had been made or not.
  • Scanning a PoV took you to the order view instead of the pickup / check-in view.
  • An order entered a confused state after confirming a refund but aborting the payment.
  • It was not possible to close the session if the comment was longer than 255 characters.
  • The entrance identifier sometimes did not show in the pickup view.
  • The document status would sometimes be incorrect after a partial refund.