Release Notes 30-08-23


The following features will be available from POS 302.

  • We have added Nets as new payment service provider for physical card payments via card terminals.
  • Point-of-sale now offers a swedish language version.
  • It is now possible to look up orders made online, cancel online orders or do pickups and/or reprints of items in those orders.
  • We have implemented a pickup view on POS, that allows the cashier to hand out physical items and reprint tickets. Both operations can be made per line or for the entire order.
  • We have done improvements to the way POS deals with partial refunds of tickets. Previously, POS cancelled all tickets and issued new ones. Now in case of partial refunds, if possible, we will first cancel unused tickets and not print or reprint active ones.
  • On POS, you can now see the full status of all documents and pick-up articles associated to an order. This includes ticket and pick-up status. This is particularly useful in case of (partial) refunds.
  • It is now possible to sell product vouchers on POS. Product vouchers will be printed directly on POS with a QR code.
  • When scanning a season pass, we are now displaying a new season pass view including image, details, comments and redemption possibilities (see new feature below) of the season pass holder.

New Development: Article Bundles

  • We have continued with the development of Article Bundles. Article Bundles can be considered mini-packages of different articles. Each article in the article bundle can have different accounting or VAT rules associated and it is possible to sell the Article Bundle together with other articles in a regular iTicket product.

New Development: Pick-up

  • We have finalized the pick-up concept. It is now possible to mark an Article as a pick-up article, which indicates to POS users that a sold article requires a physical item that needs to be handed out to the customer.
  • With pick-up articles you can control whether the physical unit should be the actual article itself or if another pick-up article represents the physical unit. This is useful in cases where you have several simila articles that are all represented by one and the same physical item.
  • Pick-up articles will also be stock-relevant. Personal stock is a feature we are currently building, which will enable cashiers to carry a set of physical items and to reconzile those items based on sales made during a session.  

New Development: Redemption

  • It is now possible to assign redemption rules to, for example, season passes. Redemption rules entitle the season pass holder to receive products according to the redemption rules (for example, a season pass holder can redeem 'Product X' one time per day for free).
  • Redemptions can then be made on our Point of Sales according to the rules specified in the redemption rules.
  • A new 0-Kr order is created for the new value that the season pass holder is entitled to ('Product X' in the previous example).

Season Pass

  • A new setting "Maximum Valid Days from Purchase" has been added. This new setting allows you to set a maximum number of days a season pass can be activated and is particularly useful if you steer the validity period from the activation date, because it provides the possibility to limit the maximum validity date (previously, it was not possible to have a maximum validity of none-activated season passes when the validity period started from activation date).
  • When revoking or unrevoking a season pass, it is now possible to enter a comment. The comment is displayed in the portal and on POS.
  • We are now displaying the full redemption and entry history of a season pass in the season pass panel.
  • It is now possible to activate season passes from the season pass panel (previously this needed to be done from the order view).
  • With anonymous season passes, we are now making the activated person the owner of the season pass. Note: This only applies to anonymously sold season passes (such as those made on POS).