Release Notes 23-05-23

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where in certain product setups iTicket only returned parts of the correct availability. The affected product setup were products with a mandatory add-on option that had category dependencies.
  • We fixed a display issue where a dashboard widget containing information of a whole calendar year skipped the display of one month.
  • When assigning tour codes to a slot, the “Check/Uncheck all” function produced an error, so tour codes needed to be entered one-by-one. This error is now fixed and it is possible again to use “Check/Uncheck all”.
  • Within the iTicket Manifest, we fixed a bug where entering a date manually (i.e. not picking a date from the calendar) did not work properly. It is now possible to enter a date manually.



  • The price calculation on products using booking flow with add-ons is now more reliable. Some pricing errors occurred previously during the booking process in certain configurations. Prices were always correct on the basket page.
  • We are working on a season pass template editor, which will allow iTicket users that sell season passes, to design their season passes on the iTicket portal. More information will follow.
  • We have now added support on iTicket POS for seating products. It is now possible to sell assigned seats on POS via the auto-seating feature.
  • We have made the Booking Flow API smarter so that it takes certain choices automatically. For example, now the Booking Flow API automatically will select the tour for the add-on step. 


New concept: Article Bundles

  • We have launched a new concept named “Article Bundles”. This concept will make it possible to reuse iTicket Articles in new bundles (technically also Articles).
  • Those Article Bundles can be added as add-ons. All underlying articles (of that bundle) are included at their own price and tax rates. The individual article prices can be overwritten within the bundle itself. The price shown to the end customer will be the total of the bundle within the product the bundle is a part of.
  • We will update our documentation with the new Article Bundle concept soon.


Support for pick-up-products

  • We are now supporting pick-ups in our entry infrastructure and Entry API. It is now possible to configure products with pick-up options. More details about this will be sent out soon and will be found in our documentation.


Sell external inventory via GetYourGuide

  • It is now possible to sell external inventory via your GetYourGuide channel. If you require more information or need help in setting this up, please get in touch with us.


New Accounting options

  • If activated, accounting rules can now be set from the iTicket Portal in a new menu category called "Accounting". In short, iTicket can create day journals for all sales and push these to Financials. There are several options on how to achieve the periodization of VAT and revenues in the accounting flow.  The menu on periodization allows the user to assign one out of 3 models for this. 
  • There are also new fields for each VAT level so that a company can make a preliminary VAT transaction on a specific bookkeeping account. The aim is to be able to account for VAT on booking date and for the revenue on a later date (for example the arrival date)  - but to still maintain a way to trace revenue and VAT.