Release Notes 19-12-23


  • Our point of sale solution will from now on have separate release notes. POS Release Notes can be found on (login required).

iTicket booking engine

  • We have done lots of improvements on the resource calendar and capacity handling with resources. This allows you to assign resources (such as a required laboratory) or resource pools (such as one person of a group of people) to tour codes. Each resource or resource pool has their own availability and capacity. The product only becomes bookable, when all defined resources are available at the time of the tour code.
  • We have added a new setting that allows to select a fallback packing list (template for personal stock). This fallback packing list will be used to create a personal stock when a cashier logs in without a personal stock assigned.
  • We made it visually clearer that e-mail addresses of users cannot be changed. The e-mail field is now greyed out.
  • Product vouchers now respect the "Single use" checkbox. This means that a product voucher becomes invalid after it has been used for the first time, regardless of any eventual remaining redeemables on the voucher.
  • You can now search for certain complementary fields in the order panel. The complementary fields we have added to the search index are WTP card numbers and External Identifiers.
  • For booking flow products, it is now possible to create products with a product slot type "Addon" where articles are booked on a "per booking" basis (not per participant) and the article quantity is set via the advanced mode.
  • In Manifest definitions, it is now possible to save product tags and tour codes to products that are a part of checkin configurations.

Season Passes

  • We added an extra validation step that prevents the use of the same External Identifier.
  • We are now displaying the photo of a season pass holder even when the season pass has been revoked.

Portal - Design / UX

  • Status badges have got a new design, with a more consistent use of the colors. (Order management, Vouchers, Season passes etc)
  • Tag management popup have a new design, with a more user friendly action dropdown (for edit & delete).
  • The design for product code unlocking is now alligned with the rest of the input fields, with the lock on the left side.
  • Product slots (Booking flow) dependencies has now a searchable select list on Tour Codes and Event tags.
  • Channel + Salespoint information has been added to every order in a single order view.
  • Reports list, icons representing the report template used + added tooltip representing the name of the template.
  • Reports terminology changed from "Run" to "Generate".
  • Reports detailj list now indicating recently generated report.
  • New splash screen on initial page load.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug where it was necessary to refresh the portal in order for sms-notifications to update on an order view. This will help avoid resending documents by mistake.
  • We fixed a bug where it was not possible to save VAT accounts with a regular user.
  • In the "Capacity and Allotment" view, we fixed a dropdown that contained broken elements.
  • In the order history of a customer, we fixed a visual issue that displayed the incorrect amount of product voucher redemptions.
  • When deleting certain items, in some scenarios a ghost line of the deleted item appeared (for example when deleting a registry). This is now fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where we on a few panels, changes were saved without hitting the save button. Those panels now require the user to click "Edit" and then "Save" before changes get stored.
  • Exclusive allotment is now working properly again and only unallotted capacity can be booked on a regular price list.
  • Fixed a bug where we produced two different ticket URLs when a product voucher was sold as a part of Proof of Value
  • Bookings from GetYourGuide in some cases were created on iTicket in a cancelled state. This issue is now fixed.