What's new in iTicket - June 12-06-2024

iTicket Core

  • We added a new filter option for "campaigns used" to the order panel. Right now, this filter only works for future orders. (ID: 40238)
  • One-time-use codes are now reactivated upon refund of the order. (ID: 40000)
  • When editing a booking after the price was changed, we will now return the initial price instead of the new price (which was irrelevant, for example, if you removed participants). This applies to products using "booking flow".
  • We have improved the reliability of how documents (such as tickets) are created. (ID: 40001)
  • The postal code has been added in order views and APIs. (ID: 40461)
  • When transferring items from one POV to another, we are now displaying the name instead of the identifier, for easier selection of the correct proof-of-value. (ID: 40661)
  • In some places, we changed the way to do settings from a popup to a dropdown menu for better user experience. (ID: 38830)
  • The user information is now included in check-ins export for all operations. (ID: 38944)
  • A French language option has been added to account settings. (ID: 39176)
  • Entry rule items now display their inventory status. (ID: 39487)
  • Registry sessions will auto-close at 03:00 for all customers, regardless of feature flag settings. (ID: 39961)


  • Day Journals for High Order Days: Ensured that day journals on days with many orders can be opened and sent to CBF by grouping postings. The grouping has also been implemented in CBF for invoices and incoming payment journals. If grouping is used, you will see a significant decrease in number of rows / file size etc, but still able to get the details for tracability (ID: 40075)
  • Transaction number and success state information are now received from CBF. This enables a flow to resend failed journals in case an account is missing in CBF. (ID: 40644)

Personal Stock

  • A filter option for Validity Date is now available in the Personal Stock section. (ID: 39287)
  • We did some updates around the default stock, which ensures that the cashier is picking from the correct personal stock.

Integrations & APIs

  • The customer/v1/customer/{customerId} endpoint now accepts the internal or public customer ID. (ID: 40361)
  • The customer/v1/wallet/{walletId} endpoint now accepts the internal or public wallet ID.


  • Individual vouchers can now be assigned to proof-of-values (POV). (ID: 40003)

Bug Fixes

  • User Booking Issue: Fixed an issue where users couldn't book a single day in BF duration products. (ID: 38594)
  • Ghost-Versions on Viator Bookings: Resolved occasional ghost-versions appearing in certain Viator bookings affecting report calculations. (ID: 38743)
  • BF API Pricing Issue: Corrected dynamic price increases for different tours using calendar tags. (ID: 38966)
  • Price Calculation for Bundles and Single Articles: Fixed price calculation errors when bundles and single articles are in the same price list. (ID: 39165)
  • Personal Stock Doubled Amount: Resolved issue where personal stock amounts were doubled. (ID: 39232)
  • School Booking/Resource Calendar Issues: Addressed remaining issues in the school booking/resource calendar after the service release on 15/4. (ID: 39573)
  • Only Last Voucher Displayed in Refund View: Corrected an issue where only the last voucher and its status was displayed multiple times in the refund view. (ID: 39980)
  • Overbooking Flag Issue: Fixed issue with the overbooking flag allowing bookings when no calendar event was planned for article bundles. (ID: 40029)
  • Make Valid Until Date Inclusive for Campaign Settings: Updated campaign settings to make the valid until date inclusive. (ID: 40031)
  • Checkboxes in Check-in Configuration: Fixed issue where checkboxes in the portal's check-in configuration were unintentionally affecting other checkboxes. (ID: 40102)
  • Notification Text Issue in Manifest: Resolved issue where notification text was incorrectly displayed in the iTicket portal. (ID: 40168)
  • Inconsistent Season Pass Status: Fixed inconsistency in the status of season passes in different views. (ID: 40185)
  • Transferring Items Between POVs: We fixed an issue where transferring two or more items between POVs was not working correctly. (ID: 40240)
  • Order Export with Vouchers: Resolved issue preventing order export when vouchers were involved. (ID: 40377)
  • External Card Number Update: Fixed issue where external card numbers appeared to not be updated after import (even though they were). (ID: 40394)
  • Season Pass Export Issue: Resolved issue preventing the export of season passes. (ID: 40643)