Release Notes 04-07-23

Usability Updates

We have done a lot of UI improvements in this release.

  • Icons have been unified and have a clearer connection to the action being performed when clicking the button.
  • You can now clearly see the status of a ticket in the order panel.
  • We made the user interface clearer in cases where users don’t have permissions to perform a certain action. Previously, in some cases, the user saw edit or save buttons and got error messages when trying to save something. Now users without those permissions won’t see those buttons.
  • When duplicating Resources, we now assign the duplicated resource a unique code.
  • When creating VAT levels, we do now automatically create and add a code for that VAT level. This is needed in order to ensure VAT is displayed on invoices and accounting rules are working.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We are now transferring price updates on Citybreak Sales Agent to iTicket and updated prices are now displayed in the iTicket order panel.
  • When using campaigns that are publicly available to everyone, we are now displaying the strikethrough price even before selecting participants.
  • We fixed some bugs around user access permissions, where it was impossible for users to perform certain actions on iTicket, such as viewing vouchers or adding users to a user group
  • We fixed an issue where allotments on iTicket were saved immediately upon creation without pressing the save button.
  • We fixed an issue in the interface where new POS channels appeared to be external channels. Now it is clear again that those channels are POS channels.
  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to sort on allotments.
  • We continued our development with Article Bundles and solved some price-related issues.
  • We fixed an issue in our integration to Get-your-Guide where the stop-sales feature was not working properly due to a time zone issue.
  • We fixed an issue with products using the new duration picker where it wasn't possible to select a duration of more than 2 days.


  • We fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to print documents or receipts with certain product setups.

Redemption Flow

  • We have continued our internal work in regards to our new redemption possibilities. More information will follow soon.