Release Notes 03-11-23


  • On POS, it is now possible to fully activate a season pass, including taking an image and complementary fields. From version 309 onwards, it will also be possible to edit those activation details directly on POS.
  • We now support personal user sessions on POS, which means that it is possible to follow the sales along a certain user if the user works on several POS during the day. Note that the z-report is still connected to a physical registry, due to legal requirements.
  • For user sessions, we have created a new user session report that can be created on the portal. It shows the user's sales throughout the day.
  • We have done updates to the receipts and POS receipts now reflect the use of product vouchers, discounts and campaigns.
  • It is now possible to reprint a receipt even after the checkout view is closed. In order to follow legal requirements, a receipt can be reprinted from the checkout view only, to which we will send the user after clicking "reprint receipt" from the order overview on POS.
  • From POS version 308 onwards, we are using web views from a new and separate environment. This will make the web views much more stable.
  • We improved the logic when a cashier performs an "undo pickup" and will now increase the stock of the cashier doing this operation.


  • We have released a beta-version of the new EasyRent-iTicket integration. More information will follow in upcoming release notes.

iTicket booking engine

  • We have done lots of further development around our product voucher module. We increased reliability, fixed some issues, made vouchers applicable to products using article bundles and updated receipts and financial flows.
  • We are now displaying the local time zone instead of UTC in several additional places: This applies to checkins, order events (purchase, edit, refund), document events (pickups) as well as season pass operations (redemptions).
  • We have done several improvements to various searches:
    • On the order panel, it is now possible to search for a combination of first name and last name as well as telephone number.
    • On the season pass panel, it is now possible to search for public IDs, external IDs, external public IDs.
  • When using user sessions on POS (see under POS), we now display the POS user as Booker on the portal.
  • It is now possible to prevent the sendout of text messages. This setting can be overwritten on each channel.
  • We fixed an issue where a product became not bookable when stop-sales was configured in conjunction with price group restrictions.
  • We fixed some issues with category discounts that occured on products using bookingflow.
  • We fixed an issue in the z-report where discounted orders caused a mismatch between total sales (correct) and number of payments.
  • We fixed an issue that caused portal users to not see the user roles they created.

Season Passes

  • With season passes, it is now possible to specify a maximum number of checkins per cutoff-period. This is, for example, useful, if a season pass holder is entitled to bring a second person.
  • With season passes, we are now supporting different kinds of comments: Besides a general comment on the season pass, we support comments when revoking or unrevoking a season pass. All comments are displayed on the season pass panel in the portal and on POS.
  • When deleting an order with a season pass, we will now assign the state "Deleted" to that season pass. Previously we have assigned the revoked state, which made it possible to unrevoke the season pass. This is not possible any longer.


  • When importing season passes, it is now possible to prevent the sending of text messages for imported season passes.
  • We added additional tour information to our inventory and statistics API, such as the state of a tour and tour tags.