Release Notes 31-01-24

Point-of-Sale, POS 319

Expected delivery: 05-02-24.

When delivered, POS Release Notes can be found on (login required), here are some preliminary features and bug fixes of the upcoming version:

  • We have a Beta-version of our completely rebuilt refund flow on POS. The new refund flow allows you to select individual items of an order on a product and per-participant basis and to pinpoint items to refund. The new refund flow also provides the cashier with a warning when already checked-in items are refunded or when the cashier must ask for physical items to be returned. Note that this feature is in beta-version and will not be activated by default with the new version. Contact us if you wish to activate the new refund flow for your account.
  • The new version supports rounding of decimal values for cash. It is possible to specify a financial account where decimal values will be posted.
  • When taking an image for a season pass activation on POS, we are now disabling the “Confirm” button until the “Capture” button was pressed. This avoids accidentally closing the image taking module without having captured an image.
  • When trying to take an image without having cameras configured, the user will be informed about this and POS will not crash anymore.
  • On printouts for tickets using the punch validation ticketing rule with a fixed expiration day and for vouchers with a fixed expiration day, we are not displaying the expiration time (23:59) anymore. We are doing this because the printout already clearly states “t.o.m.” (till och med – including) next to the expiration date.
  • We have improved our POS version numbering and more improvements will come up in the future. The most notable improvement for customers is that fewer POS versions will be created between releases.

POS Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where selling more than one season passes in the same order allowed for only one of them to be activated.
  • We fixed an issue where the view wasn’t updated when the return button was clicked after having done a pickup or checkin operation on a detail page on POS.
  • On products where overbooking is not allowed, we fixed an issue where dismissing the upcoming error message added that product to the basket anyway. Now, dismissing the warning message will not add the product to the basket anymore.
  • We fixed an issue where using the quick pay button on zero-amount baskets without availability it was possible to click outside the upcoming error message. Clicking outside the upcoming error message would cause the POS to crash. Now, it is only possible to confirm the error message and correct the mistake (e.g. removing the item or selecting another day).
  • We fixed an issue that fixed the web components not coming up when a user was logged out due to the same user logging in at another POS while he or she had a web component open.
  • An issue using VivaWallet was fixed that occasionally caused the receipt not being printed.
  • We fixed an issue where personal stocks and session is only auto-closed at 3:00 a.m. for the first user logging into POS that day.

iTicket Core / Ticketing

  • The Citybreak CRS is now able to create preliminary orders and to upgrade those to regular orders once they are paid.
  • We fixed a display issue where duplicating a product resulted in several copies with the same ID.
  • We fixed an issue where expired pickup articles of type “Entrance Validation” continued to have the state “Awaiting pickup” instead of “Expired” after the tour date has passed.
  • In the ticketing rule “Period Pass Validation”, it is now possible to change from expiration in minutes to expiration in days.
  • It is now possible to purchase products via the CRS that include an article bundle and a per-participant-addon when the product is set up as a booking-flow product (legacy products are not supported when article bundles are included).

Season Passes

  • We now reliably update the state for expired season passes to “Expired” when they have passed the valid-until-date.


  • We fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to make a booking using a product voucher or to cancel that voucher order.
  • We fixed an issue where we incorrectly assigned the state “Used” instead of “Revoked” when an order containing a product voucher got cancelled.
  • We fixed an issue with product vouchers for bundles where a mismatch in the amount (e.g. voucher is valid for 2 Adults, but you chose to purchase 3), the voucher discount isn’t applied correctly.
  • We fixed an issue where a product voucher for 2 of the same price group only applied the voucher discount to 1.


  • We have added status badges to the Day Journal and Accounting rule panel to get a quick overview of their current status. 
  • It is now possible to specify a balance account that is used in case of voucher-sales. When the voucher is redeemed, the balance account is nulled and the profit account is used.
  • It is now possible to split user permissions into Accounting and POS-sessions. Users with the permission “account:accounting” can access the Accounting panel, but not the POS sessions. Users with the account:pos-sessions” permission can access the POS sessions, but not the Accounting panel.
  • It is now possible to see all related accounting journals on an individual order using the new Accounting section on a single order.


  • We upgraded our Skidata integration to Skidata’s latest “Ticket Sales API”. This applies to our customers in the Ski Segment using Skidata. Contact Adrian Holländer ([email protected]) if you have any questions about this new integration.

Portal - Design / UX


Channels are devided in new categories to make it easier to understand how each channel affects your business. The count of channels is also added to each category header. To remove the fuss of secondary options, we've moved "Sync history" to a dropdown option under the button "Sync channel" instead.

Type icons (Articles/Resources)

To give you a better overview of which type each article or resource belongs to, we've given them a typed icon each.


Tooltips are added on several fields in order to give a better explanation of each setting. Here is an example of the Product settings and the corresponding tooltips.

Day Journals status

Status badges have been added to Day journals and Day journal rules to give an easier overview of each transfer status.

General design

All input fields have reduced in size by 20% in order to get an easier overview of the entity settings area.