Release Notes 05-10-23


  • We have now published version 302. To remind you of the feature set in version 302, have a look at the previous release notes.
  • It is now possible to perform a "Checkin" (Entry) directly on POS without needing a separate entry management application. Note that check-ins made on POS are not connected to 3rd party hardware (such as gates).
  • We have created an improved flow for redemption of product vouchers on POS. It is not needed anymore to select eligible products first. Instead, it is possible to scan the voucher and to get a list of all products that can be redeemed with this voucher directly.
  • We are now displaying the latest orders made on the current POS in a separate tab.

iTicket booking engine

  • We have introduced the new "Personal Stock" concept, which makes it possible to assign a set of physical articles to a cashier.
  • We have done several performance improvements to be able to perform a checkin (entry) operation in less than 100ms and a basket commit in less than 500ms.
  • We fixed a bug where a phone number change followed by pressing "resend documents" button has stopped working
  • We fixed a bug where an arrangement event did not display the booked or blocked capacity in the calendar
  • A bug has been fixed where we sometimes sent out SMS in English, even though the booking was made in Swedish.
  • We fixed an issue with voucher templates where the voucher code wasn't displayed in the booking confirmation.
  • We fixed an issue that occured when you split a recurrent event and then clicked on "Go to first".
  • We fixed an issue where the booking confirmation of bookings that were changed on Sales Agent included the old and the new ticket.
  • We fixed an issue where in certain cases the wrong product name was displayed on a ticket.


  • It is now possible to import season passes via a new endpoint and to activate them or let them open for activation at a later stage.
  • We have done improvements to our customer API and it's now possible to fetch season passes where customer is the season pass consumer or season pass owner
  • You can now also fetch the order history per customer
  • For multi-day products, it is now possible again to fetch prices via the booking API

Season Passes

  • We are now displaying all information related to a season pass on the portal. Information we display is date of purchase, activation or transfer, all redemptions made on a season pass, checkins (entries) made with the season pass as well as comments entered when revoking (or re-activating) season passes.
  • We are now logging changes made to a season pass, for example image changes. The last image change date is displayed on POS. 
  • It is now possible to decide what identifier should be displayed on the season pass below the QR code.
  • We are now supporting base64-encoded images when doing a season pass activation via our API. In an upcoming release, it will be possible to activate a season pass - including taking an image - on POS directly.


  • You can now navigate from day journals to each respective order
  • We have added support for periodization of VAT in certain cases
  • It is now possible to overwrite the accounting settings at product level, which will overrule the settings made on article level.
  • Season passes can now be balanced in accounting on the day of activation.
  • It is now possible to specify different VAT levels for articles within an article bundle.
  • We are now displaying the register ID on the z-report