Complete all-in-one solution for your Museum

iTicket offers a complete solution for your ticketing, entry management, inventory management, point of sales, e-commerce and channel manager distribution to external channels of products for your Museum.  

With iTicket you can manage all your inventory and resources in one place and distribute it in all point of sales, cashier, online and external channels, with real time availability and pricing. Sell your entry tickets online and distribute digital tickets to your customers through e-mail and SMS. Let you customers in by going straight to gate, direct integrations to Skidata, Dorma Kaba and Axess gates but also come with our own Android app for entry management that can be used on any Android device of your choice. Also use iTicket to distribute your products with real time availability in external channels such as Online Travel Agents (OTA's), Travel Agencies, Tour Operators or other distribution partners and collaborations.   

iTicket Point of Sales (POS) solution

iTicket comes with an Android based POS software that can be used in mobile, tablet and static cashiers or self service stations. iTicket also have online point of sales for digital e-commerce, back office sales and ticketing. All point of sales has real time inventory and all transactions is put into one place for reporting and exporting or direct integration to your accounting system.  

point of sale

Entry management for your Museum

iTicket uses digital distribution of tickets and QR codes for entry to your Museum, of course they can be printed as well. iTicket comes with an android based app that you can use on any Android device to scan tickets to validate directly, check in groups and individuals or see the full manifest. iTicket also have integrations to Skidata, Dorma Kaba and Axess so your customers can go straight to gate for automatic speed gates. You can set flexible ticket rules for all your tickets for multiple use or group check etc for easy use for you visitors as well as for your operational staff. 

Sell your entry tickets and guided tours online! 

Use iTicket e-commerce solution to sell your tickets and tours online and have full control over arrivals and planning for your day to day operations. iTicket e-com comes with direct integrations to several Payment Service Providers and makes it possible for you to digutilize your visitors booking process. Also up sell and package your other products online to increase revenue management potential and distribute your inventory to other resellers such as OTA's and Travel Agents.  

Product packaging in iTicket
iTicket reporting and advanced inventory

Advanced inventory management and packaging of your products!

Use iTicket for advanced resource handling and packaging of your own products but also with external products from other suppliers. Build products with many articles for example entry ticket packaged with lunch, guided tour and anything else you wish to sell.